Vector Rotate Magnets

Vector Rotate Magnets

Scientific Magnetics are world leaders designing and manufacturing superconducting vector rotate magnets for a wide range of scientific experiments.

Our magnets are designed for WET and DRY operation and can be supplied as standalone units or fully integrated cryogenic systems.


  • Vertical and horizontal field direction
  • Optical access parallel and perpendicular to field if required
  • 2-axis orthoganal coils for vector rotation
  • Diode protection with the option for persistent mode switch
  • Fast sweep to field
  • High homogeneity and stability
  • Integrated HTS current leads for maximum efficiency
  • Magnet designs for UHV compatible environments

Below are just a few examples of previously manufactured systems, supplied either as standalone magnets or fully integrated WET and DRY systems.

4T/2T/2T Cryogen-free Vector Rotate System

  • 4T Vertical field(X) and 2T Horizontal Field(X/Y)
  • Cryogen free conduction-cooled
  • X/Y/Z Room temperature beam access
  • Low vibration cooling interface
  • Integrated HTS current leads

0.4T/0.4T/0.4T Cryogen-free Vector Rotate System

  • 0.4 Tesla Field in X/Y/Z direction
  • Cold Access (Y direction): 76mm
  • 265mm dia x 220mm long
  • Operating current for 0.4 Tesla: ~3 Amps on each axis
  • High homogeneity and low remnant field magnet

7T/2T Lhe Cooled Vector Rotate System

  • 7 T, 2 T Two axis superconducting magnet
  • Liquid nitrogen shielded helium cryostat (UHV)
  • Fast ramping magnetic field of 7 T in X direction at up to 2 T/min
  • Single axis operation
  • 1.5K – 370K Variable Temperature Insert (VTI) with remote temperature control
  • 1K pot with automatic needle valve operation
  • Sample holder loading finger isolated to >2GΩ at 250V
  • 50mm vertical motion of sample using stepper motor control
  • 360° rotational motion of sample using stepper motor control
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