Our Services

Our Services

Liquid Helium Refill

Scientific Magnetics Ltd offers a cryogen refill service with specific expertise in managing NMR and MRI systems. We can arrange a single system refill or manage your ongoing refill schedule.

Please discuss your requirements and helium fill schedule with us.


Decommissioning/Moving Systems

Thinking of relocating or repositioning your NMR/MRI systems?

At Scientific Magnetics and our sister company TecMag we can consult with you and carry out your system move if required. 

Whether it is planning your new lab layout or rearranging your existing space, or improving the current workflow, we can aid you in your decision-making process and support your system move. Contact us to get our advice and costing on your new lab. We can address all your operational needs with regards to your NMR/MRI instrument.

Our highly experienced engineers are trained on all OEM magnets and a range of consoles and accessories, so you can be confident of world-class service at a cost-effective price.

Site Planning for Magnet Systems

Scientific Magnetics engineers have over two decades of experience in the site planning of NMR and MRI systems. We can provide professional advice and planning to customers on site-related issues and environmental factors affecting system performance:

  • Peripheral Equipment Rooms (power supplies and RF equipment)
  • Safe storage of cryogens
  • Effect of structural steel on magnet homogeneity and asymmetric electromagnetic forces
  • Effect of ferromagnetic objects within magnet stray field
  • Effect of moving ferrous objects (elevators, vehicular traffic, lift trucks)
  • Effect of AC fields from power cables and electrical switchgear on NMR line-shape stability
  • Effect of floor and airborne vibrations on cryostat integrity and overall system stability
  • Calculate acceptable distance from magnet centre to any ferromagnetic object or adjacent magnets
  • Calculate the effect of energising/ de-energising a magnet system on adjacent magnets
  • Advise on Radio Frequency Shielding, including design of wave-guides and other services into magnet room
  • Magnet system rigging into building/magnet room
  • Advise on the appropriate use of concrete and other reinforcing materials during the building design phase
  • Advise on static and dynamic floor loading capacity
  • Advise on the design of isolated floor slabs
  • Advise on design and construction of access pits
  • Access for cryogens
  • Design of quench ducting
  • Ceiling height requirements for servicing with ancillary components
  • Controlled access to magnet room and stray magnetic field

      Contact: sales@scientificmagnetics.co.uk


We pride ourselves on having the best people. Our Engineers, Physicists and Designers have gained an array of experience within the superconducting magnet industry.

They have also worked in other fields such as Aerospace and Fundamental Physics.

This combination allows us to find innovative solutions to complex problems within the scientific and industrial sectors.

We are currently engaged in numerous new projects which span from the analysis of complex magnetic fields to thermal analysis of cryogenic systems, both dry and wet. Other recent consultancy projects have involved MRI system plotting and shimming and developing knowledge and understanding of the shielding of magnetic fields from surrounding areas using mild steel or bulk superconductors.

Get in touch if you need assistance in seeking an innovative solution to your problem and our team will be on hand to assist.

   Contact: sales@scientificmagnetics.co.uk

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