Split Pair Magnets

Split Pair Magnets

Scientific Magnetics are world leaders designing and manufacturing superconducting Split Pair magnets for a wide range of scientific experiments, including specialist beamline applications.

Our magnets are designed for WET and DRY operation and can be supplied as standalone units or fully integrated cryogenic systems.


  • Vertical and horizontal field direction
  • Wide optical access parallel and perpendicular to field
  • Asymmetric coil configuration for specialist applications
  • Diode protection with the option for persistent mode switch
  • Fast sweep to field High homogeneity and stability
  • Integrated HTS current leads for maximum efficiency
  • Magnet designs for UHV compatible environments

Below are just a few examples of previously manufactured systems, supplied either as standalone magnets or fully integrated WET and DRY systems.

5T LHe Cooled Split Pair Magnet System

  • 5T central field
  • 0.5% homogeneity over 10mm DSV
  • Wet LHe system
  • Dynamic VTI 1.5K-300K
  • Room temp horizontal access both normal and perpendicular to field axis
  • Persistent mode switch
  • Integrated Quench Protection

7T Asymmetric Split Pair Magnet

  • 7T central field
  • 330-degree beam access
  • Wet LHe system
  • Dry bore for dynamic VTI
  • 10-degree scattering angle
  • 20mm LG x 10mm DIA, 1.95% homogeneity

5T LHe Asymmetric Split Pair Magnet

  • 5.0 T Central field
  • Asymmetric Magnet
  • 93A operating current
  • Wet system
  • Vertical Orientation of field
  • 5 degrees Split conical angle
  • 10mm DIA x 20mm LG ROI
  • 1.22% homogeneity
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