Scientific Magnetics partners with 3rd party electronics manufacturers to supply the very best in system electronics, including superconducting magnet Power Supplies, Temperature Controllers/Monitors and Cryogen level Meters. Below is an example of our standard PS120- 10V Power Supply.


  • Modular design, allowing master-slave operation for higher current models
  • An integral electronic polarity reversing switch option can be fitted
  • Independently fail safe protected, air cooled and has an internal high stability shunt for greater accuracy
  • IEEE-488 and optically isolated RS232 operation with short-form codes for ease of automatic computer operation and confirmation of the operational status shown by a backlit liquid crystal display on the front panel
  • Adjustable output for persistent switch heater
  • Fully configurable from the front panel or using the remote interface
  • With optional reversing switch
  • Automated quench monitoring and safe shut-down


Output current

0 to rated maximum

Setting resolution

Can be set to 1 part in 216 maximum; resolution limit of 0.001A via front panel


0.015% of rated output


15 ppm/ °C or better

Readout resolution

0.05 A on front panel display; 0.001 A via interface.

Voltage limit Setting

0 to rated voltage output, in 0.1 V steps. Accuracy: 2 % of rated output


483 mm wide x 223 mm high x 450 mm deep (19” x 5U case)

DVM output

Differential via two 4mm sockets. 300 Ω source resistance nominal. 2 mV/A output, calibrated to 0.03%, stable to 10 ppm/°C or better


Optically isolated RS232 interface with standard DB9-F connector. Isolated IEEE-488 interface

Persistent switch heater output

Constant current source, 0 – 255 mA, compliance voltage 18 V, galvanically isolated from main current supply

Reversing switch (optional)

Input/output signals for control of reversing switches

Digital Ramp Generator

Setting range 10 to 100,000s, 0 to full output.

Setting resolution: 65 values, spread logarithmically over 4 orders of magnitude. Accuracy: 0.1% of set rate.

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